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Turn your high-quality content into high-quality returns. Our buyers understand the value of publishers with unique inventory like yours. Get started and turn your passion into revenue.







Boost Your Revenue

You work hard to attract and retain your audience. Turn that effort into growth. Connect with us to generate the advertising revenue you deserve with our enhanced open-web targeting and private marketplaces.

“Sovrn’s account management and technical support is nothing less than exemplary, and their team frequently shares thorough business analyses and fascinating industry insights. We are extremely grateful for our partnership with Sovrn, and regard them as a valuable member of our monetization stack.”

— Asher Glinsman, Head of Monetization, Boons Media

30 Day Payment Terms

We pay publishers in 30 days. Get prompt access to the revenue you’ve earned so that you can reinvest and grow.

Excellent Customer Support

Our 99% retention rate speaks volumes. We pride ourselves on giving you the support you need to get the best out of your tech.

Easy Implementation

Simply create your account to start the process. Once your site is approved, our customer success team will help you set up your preferred integrations.

Tap into the Sovrn //Advertising Exchange

This five-step process helps you get set up for success.

Account Creation

Set up your free account.

Add Key Information

Include your billing and ads.txt information.

Site Review

We review and approve your domains.

Ad Tag Creation

We can create ad tags for you.

Start Monetizing

You start earning revenue.

“We’ve worked with Sovrn since September 2020, during which time their bidder has gone from strength to strength. Sovrn was willing and open to listen to our demands as a publisher and are now connected to our entire programmatic inventory.”

— Asher Glinsman, Head of Monetization, Boons Media

Premium Demand Partners

Our expert demand team actively identifies a wide variety of buyers, from The Trade Desk to niche ad agencies. They advocate on your behalf to showcase the value of your highly engaged audience.

Multi-Integration Support

Whether you’re a seasoned publishing professional or just starting out, you choose how best to reach your preferred advertisers. We support OpenRTB (Real-Time-Bidding), Prebid.js, Google Open Bidding and Transparent Ad Marketplace APIs.

Earn More Revenue with //Signal

Measure, compare and monetize your reader engagement. Learn more about Sovrn //Signal.


We support the mission of the IAB and TAG, to ensure safety and transparency across the advertising ecosystem. That’s why we’ve earned the highest possible industry certifications for our dedication to the pursuit of trust and transparency. We’re proud to be leaders of anti-fraud, pro-transparency initiatives that promote fair market principles.

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