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Harness the Power of First-Party Data — Lessons from Immediate Media

Matt Rance Head of Commercial Data at Immediate Media

Jade Power
Head of Display at JPI Media

What Publishers Need to Know About TCF 2.0

Townsend Feehan CEO, IAB Europe

Stefan Hanloser
Vice President, Data Protection Law & Policy, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

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How Publishers are
Harnessing Subscriptions
— Lessons from Dennis

Abi Spooner Customer Strategy Officer, Dennis Publishing


Leslie Coathup
Publisher of Storytime and Director of Luma Works

Steve Hemsley
Publisher of Care Home Management magazine & website

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How Publishers Can
Thrive Using eCommerce
— Lessons From Hearst

Betsy Fast Chief Content Development Officer, Hearst UK

Also included:

Bryce Widelitz
Senior Director, Business Development, CNN

Amar Shah
Director, Consumer Business, Affirm

Emily Ferguson
Ecommerce Director, Marie Claire

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