Extend Your Reach

Sovrn connects you to premium content creators with highly engaged audiences. Our supply side platform (SSP) is powered by the largest online publisher data alliance and proprietary attention technology.

Reach 60,000+ Independent Publishers

Get access to large global brands and high-quality, interest-based publishers.
We can help you advertise with the best of the independent web.

Accelerate Your Ad Performance

Grab the attention of your target audience when they’re most engaged. Using //Signal, our proprietary attention technology, Sovrn identifies highly engaged readers to inform your targeting decisions and accelerate ad performance.

Discover Enriched Audiences

Extend your reach across all browsers to reach audiences with and without cookies. Our publisher data collective of 60,000+ sites gets you in front of quality audiences at scale.

  • Reach audiences based on engagement or purchase intent.
  • Create custom interest-based audiences that scale.
  • Resolve identity across platforms.

Increase Your Reach

Discover independent content creators to complement your campaign.

Target Highly Engaged Consumers

Ensure high viewability criteria are met with predefined and customized deals.

Exceed Performance Expectations

Deliver against challenging CPA, CPC, and attention KPIs.

Our Approach to Quality

Our 25-step site evaluation process is managed by a team of specialists. They use both accredited third-party tools and proprietary technology to audit inventory quality on every publisher site. The result is an approach that meets the highest standards of IAB and TAG.

  • Connect with high-quality websites that attract high-quality readers. 
  • Advertise in a brand-safe environment.
  • Ensure brand integrity with our anti-fraud and transparency measures.

Top DSP Partners

The Sovrn //Advertising Exchange is integrated with all major Demand Side Platforms, giving you instant access to thousands of verified, interest-based publishers in the Sovrn marketplace. 


We support the mission of the IAB and TAG, to ensure safety and transparency across the advertising ecosystem. That’s why we’ve earned the highest possible industry certifications for our dedication to the pursuit of trust and transparency. We’re proud to be leaders of anti-fraud, pro-transparency initiatives that promote fair market principles.

Looking for More Attention?

//Signal attention technology identifies highly engaged audiences based on 45 engagement interactions, such as scroll, swipe, and click. Turn high attention into high performance with our targeted deals.

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Get an overview of how our proprietary attention technology can help you double your awareness and click-through rates.



2.1 x


//Signal’s Engaged Time drives over double the attention and CTR than viewability alone, helping you achieve increased return on ad spend rates. 

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