Homologous alignments of dalbergioid and hologalegina genomes with Vitis vinifera as reference.

  With Vitis vinifera as reference genome, genomic paralogy, orthology and outparalogy informations within and among 5 legumes from dalbergioid (Arachis duranensis and Arachis ipaensis) and hologalegina (Cicer arietium, Medicago tuncatula and Lotus japonicus) were displayed in 33 circles: The curved lines within inner circle, colored by eudicot ancestoral 7 chromosomes (Jaillon et al. 2007), linked paralog pairs on Vitis vinifera 19 chromosomes produced by CEH. The short lines forming the innermost circles represents all predicted genes in Vitis vinifera, which have two paralogous regions, forming another 2 circles. Each of the three sets of Vitis vinifera paralogous chromosomal regions have two orthologous copies in a legume. Therefore, 5 genomes and Vitis vinifera will result in 33 circles in the figure. Each circle is colored as to its source plant corresponding to the color scheme in Fig. 1b. Homologous genes donoted by shot lines standing on a chromosome circle, and colored as to its chromosome number in the source plant shown in the inset legend.