Karyotype changes and inter-genomic representation

All figures and tables are here.Chromosome_representation.tar.gz


10 legumes as to ancestor

10 legumes as to ancestor and Phaseolus vulgaris

Chromosome representation by using the 7 eudicot ancestral chromosomes and those of P. vulgaris

    Each chromosome from grape and 10 legume genomes are firstly represented by genes colinear to grape. Genes are denoted by short lines in 7 different colors related to ancestral chromosomes before the ECH. Secondly, with the exception of P. vulgaris, chromosomes from the other 9 legumes are represented by genes having P. vulgaris colinear genes, and these colinear genes in each plant are colored as to P. vulgaris chromosomes where their orthologs reside. Thus, a chromosome in the 9 legume genomes is displayed in two sets of short lines arranged side by side.